Take off – Blog Launch

I’ve pottered around this ish for a hot minute and I give up. It will never be perfect. Might as well just start blogging.

So this is where it gets cheesy.

It is a little fitting that I decide to lunch my blog, just when I’m about to add one more year to my existence. That should mean worrying less… or trying to anyways.

I started in the past, what with my love for writing but could never stick to it. Albeit at the time I had just depressing content to share but, content is still content. I have decided to be true to myself and delve into this love for writing. I got a lot of help I needed at some point from my internet siblings but mostly from those in the flesh. A reall huh is all that. I have equally really just grown up too. Not a lot as you will find out.

Everyone says “you’ve got to stand out.” Bish, please. We can’t all be dope. I won’t have it all figured out now so I might as well stop tinkering and get to it. Dunno why I been fondling my keyboards since this process started.

I read a post about writing like I speak. I’ll do just that with a helping of extra spicy!

I started this to push myself. I wanted something I would nurse, call my own and build up from there. I am under no illusion that this will be easy, but I enjoy writing and listening to people speak – hello “House of Parliament.”  As much as I love reading other people’s works all the time, I take pride in the fact that I am allowing myself to be vulnerable and open to embarking on this new journey.

photo-1530210124550-912dc1381cb8                            Best not to think too long!

I too have a voice and that voice is out here ready to comment on my favorites; food, smut, stories…


Here is to taking the leap.

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