About Me

I love many things in no order – music, food, erotica, astrology, anime, technology, traveling… but I let’s make this about food, shall we? And perhaps a few savory stories too.

There was a time when I absolutely despised cooking. I freaking love it now. I get all kinds of moist just looking at food or ingesting it. I equally love it when words swirl in my mind. It’s nice to see that battle come out on paper now.

I am neither a foodie nor an expert. I swish words in my mind regularly as I converse with myself. We all do it. Don’t judge me. It is a never-ending stream-of-consciousness-inner-monologue. Between you and me, I think it rocks.

I started this blog so I would challenge myself. I do not claim to be a food connoisseur but since I enjoy it, I will write about it and m have a go at it. Things might change down the line, as they do. We evolve! 

I am excited to inject my carnal and culinary literature here. Writing has always been an escape pod. Literally.

I have made the UK my home till the winds of life sweep me off elsewhere.
Small and simple pleasures do me in and on this journey, I will both be sharing and absorbing.

Join me won’t you?

xoxo CarnalCulinary


I smell food, I need to cook it.

I see food, I have to cook it.

I think food, I want to cook it.

I taste food, well I either cooked it or I’ll cook it.

I touch food and I freaking savor it.