Grilled Chicken Wings

Clearly I did not have the foresight that I would be cooking chicken wings in this manner. Well the first time I did not. The second time … I just… whatever.


I’m not sure where Bibimpap originated from in my vortex, but I suppose my love for oriental cuisine opened up a few other things. So far, I’ve tried four variations of this dish, hot with raw meat, hot with a sea food assortment, cold with meat and cold with a vegan alternative. Needless to say…

Benihana – Feel the Flames

We would be meeting at Benihana and I arrived a few minutes after her as I’d braved the tube from London Bridge to Bank. Boy let me tell ya’ll!! What. A. Ride. London eh.

Beef Sashimi

I don’t think I was ready to drop my freshly seared beef in ice cold water.

After work treats – Cubana

On our way home, we decided to have a drink – as we do. “Work had play hard.” Am I right? We turned right on from Leake Street into Cubana.

Take off – Blog Launch

Everyone says “you’ve got to stand out.” Bish, please. We can’t all be dope. I won’t have it all figured out now so I might as well stop tinkering and get to it. Dunno why I been fondling my keyboards since this process started.