Melior Street Treats

Update: Melior Street has now shut down but it will remain one of my favourite after work spots.

It is always nice to find a nice spot to distress after work and Melior Street is very quickly becoming the place for my Manager and I. #serialoffenders lol!

Melior St

It is relaxing. We get to chill and chat like OGs (old girlfriends). As much as I appreciate her in her role as my mentor (greatly), I really like her as a person. She is just so full of life. Literally.

Anyways, Melior street on Wednesdays, is where we go to spill the tea, catch up on work as well as everything else. Usually, a glass of wine turns to two or more and then some entreés.

Garlic prawns with a chive decor
Perfectly baked Sourdough bread
Their special fish balls
Wild garlic mushrooms. A personal favourite

It is almost funny how we ponder where next we will go to and somehow, just waltz over to Melior street. We’ve got The Horseshoe Inn pub nearby, all of Vinegar Yard with its flies and hardly ever any seats and all of Bermondsey Street. We think about it for a minute then verre left from whichever direction but we stay local. Cue Melior St.

We are quickly becoming regulars and it would be nice if they offered us drinks on the house at some point. We have spilled some serious cash there. Lol, take a hand and next thing you want is the whole arm.

I think it is perfect for us. Right next to work as most social spots are, tucked in slightly and almost never crowded – at least when it’s not been pre-booked. I guess the only problem would be the smoke from the kitchen. It’s nicely aired in there but if you’ve got sensitive eyes, you gon’ feel it.

This is a personal write up. I love the cozy atmosphere in there and I am yet to drag my partner to come with me. Would be a little tough now he is pumping the breaks on booze and starting a healthy chapter but good for him. Nothing like healthy choices in life. Having said that I should be teaming up with him. Hard but doable.

Let’s mutually talk about this sweet spot if you’ve been there.

Xoxo CC

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