Take off – Blog Launch

I’ve pottered around this ish for a hot minute and I give up. It will never be perfect. Might as well just start blogging.

So this is where it gets cheesy.

It is a little fitting that I decide to lunch my blog, just as I’m about to add one more year to my existence. That should mean worrying less… or trying to anyways, getting stuff done… or trying anyways and all that.

I started in the past; what with my love for writing but could never stick to it. Albeit, at the time, I had simply depressing content to share but then, content is content. I have decided to be true to myself and delve into this love for writing. I got much needed help from my internet siblings and those in the flesh. Plus, I have really just grown up too. Not a lot as you will find out.

Everyone says “you’ve got to stand out.” Bish, please. We can’t all be dope. I won’t have it all figured out now so I might as well stop tinkering and get to it. Not sure why I’ve been fondling my keyboards since this process started.

I read a post about writing like I speak. I’ll do just that with a helping of extra spice!

I started this to push myself. I wanted something I would nurse, call my own and build up from there. I am under no illusion that this will be easy, but I enjoy writing and listening to people speak – hello “House of Parliament.”  As much as I love reading other people’s works all the time, I take pride in the fact that I am allowing myself to be vulnerable and open to embarking on this new journey.

photo-1530210124550-912dc1381cb8Best not to think too long!

I too have a voice and that voice is out here ready to comment on my favourites; food, smut, stories…

frog-310020_960_720Here is to taking the leap.

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