After work treats – Cubana

We’d had a long day. My manager and I had been strategising on how our recruitment techniques could wok better for us as we walked home from work.

On approach to the bus stop, we decided to have a drink – as we do. “Work had play hard.” Am I right? We turned right on from Leake Street into Cubana Bar Restaurant.

Baswe lady’d spoken about Cubana a while back and I figured I’d go check it out – date night style; I had my boyfriend meet me there but perhaps because I suck at preparation, I was not feeling the space entirely. It was a windy day when I went there – as all days are here in the UK … (most of the time) and I walked into a crowded space… again, as most night out spaces tend to be – duh.

I hate to admit it but I just did not embrace it as I’d hoped.

This time around though, it was different. We had Pina coladas and she regaled me on stories about Jamaican punch, with their authentic rum and liquor melange…. Ouf that was a delight to the ears and the sound of their rich drinks made my mouth water. I simply contended myself with our “lucky hour” drinks.

Curing my previous hangover was not the only respite I sought. Yes, it was a Monday and l was hungover from the day before. To say I felt like crap all day is an understatement. That did not deter my efforts at work as I ploughed through the day. We decided to snack on something and settled on chicken wings. Can’t go wrong with those… right?

After work treats

These were served to us on the vibrantly coloured table we were sat on and on a colourful platter. I just love the photo I took. It is bright. Theres not much of a recipe here – just the dips were an interesting mix. My hungover mind cannot remember what it was for the life of me. My tongue remembers. Ha!

If you’ve been to Cubana Bar Restaurant, drop a comment below so we can talk about how quirky it is.

xoxo cc

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