I’m not sure where Bibimpap originated from in my vortex, but I suppose my love for oriental cuisine opened up a few other things. So far, I’ve tried four variations of this dish, hot with raw meat, hot with a sea food assortment, cold with meat and cold with a vegan alternative. Needless to say after that initial experience, I was dying to try this recipe at home… a la my way.

I last drank eggs (whisked or other ) when I was a kid. Fast forward to the future and seeing a movie start or gym enthusiast, crack an egg in their glass first thing in the morning makes me gag. Silly.

Having said that… cue this Asian dish (as well as many others) that use egg yolks in its cuisine – Bibimpap.

Bibimpap is a Korean rice dish that is served with a hoard of side vegetables. It can also be eaten hot or cold and I have been lucky enough to try both versions; not that there was much luck involved.

I suppose I have not successfully attained that feat yet, mostly due to the fact that I eat up all the side dishes before I even get to cooking.

Now, with my cooking episode turned mini failure, I figured I would talk about my trip to these Korean restaurants, close to my office. I had seen Koreans eat this on TV shows and I noticed one of the contestants on “Come Dine With Me” made this dish but her guests were not very impressed, unfortunately.

I can’t blame them. They were either not open minded enough or just plain unimpressed. I think I will stick with the “they were not open minded enough” viewpoint.

I had been to a few other Korean restaurants in Shoreditch and was telling a colleague about their cuisine. I thought some of their dishes were pretty cool and I was very keen on going to any restaurants I knew of that would be local.

I hot desk at three different offices so I’d either be at Waterloo, London Bridge or Bankside. On this occasion I was at Waterloo; a quick search and I noticed there was this cash only restaurant on Lower Marsh – Gogo Pocha.

I would later find Oseyo Eats which I would visit frequently for their goodies.

I convinced my colleague to come try this cuisine with me and we walked into Gogo Pocha. I thought it was just straight up plain looking. I’m not sure how to flourish the interior with my superior wordsmanship other than that it looked pretty plain. No fluff here. Not the end of the world.

We were seated in the main room as it was just us two. We perused the menu for a bit then I settled on my poison of choice. She did too.

My selection would come in a hot pot, with raw meat and a fresh yolk just swimming on the top. Since the pot was hot, I figured I would be OK with a raw yolk.

Dolsot Bibimpap, in a traditional hot pot

I gotta tell y’all. I enjoyed this dish. I did not take pictures of my colleague’s meal but she was hardly impressed with her selection … at all.

I stirred my contents which kind of cooked up against the heat in the pot. It was pretty hot and I would have been silly enough to hold that pot with my hands. I did enjoy my meal though.

On another occasion, I found out about Oseyo Eats, and yet again dragged her with me to this shop/restaurant. I would later realise there was a K-mart section, where you could purchase items like noodles, kimchee, seaweed, mushrooms, side dishes, CDs and lots more. So that became a point of contention.

I remember stoping waaaaay past my bus stop on my way to work, just so I could pop into this shop before heading into the office only to find out it opened later than 9 am.

Well, that was infuriating. It was not like the six minute walk from my desk at some point during the day would cause me harm but I was pretty annoyed they were not open at that particular time and that I had extended my walk time just because I changed my stop – which was a lot further from the The Old Vic Theatre. Mental.

Mini rants aside, we got in to this metropolitan minimalist looking space. There was a screen close to the ceiling, playing the latest K-pop songs which I do not remember. Though by my last trip in there, just before the “rona virus” hit us, BTS was blasting from that ceiling TV. Yes, I have to admit I know the song playing was “Boy With Luv” briefly featuring Halsey.

Future predictions aside, I went straight for their bibimbap dish, only to find out how different this Met. hub was and yes it was different. More like I was not ready for this lacklustre look. 😀

Cold Bibimbap

Okay that is a bit harsh. I have been there more than once and ordered the same exact meal so that is saying something. Besides, who am I to have an opinion? BUT I DO!

My colleague ordered a “safe” sweet and sour dish. I’m not saying I would not order something “safe” if I walked into a restaurant serving snakes amongst other things but I do feel obliged to point this out just because it was a little funny … to me!

Cold Bibimpap and a Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice Dish

I think we had a pleasurable time all in all but what has struck me the most about Oseyo Eats, is the shopping sections. I actually find myself bemoaning the fact that thy are not on Deliveroo.

Knowing I would be able to get Kimchee, seaweed, amongst other things at will is a shame that I can’t.

Well there we have it.

My tale on Bibimpab was rather eventless and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you have tried this interesting Korean dish, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

See you somewhere online.

XoXo – CC.

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